Is terri clark dating anita cochran

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Is terri clark dating anita cochran

Terri fluctuates, but I agree she looks prety damn good right now and better than she has in a while. ;) There are many more gay women in nashville than LA or NYC -- why do you think KD Lang broke into the music biz with country music? And Garth Brooks out and proud gay sister played quite publicly in his band when he was the biggest thing around - try to move beyond your knee jerk reactions to anything country.Second, I live around Nashville and I am the one that reported someone else claimed TC would sleep with anyone. I visited Nashville back in the mid 90's and I was SHOCKED at the number of gay bars there. Lol R61 The Gibbs girls all had very severe vision problems.Judging by her bio , she seems to be quite accomplished and a recognized industry professional.This is where it would be good to have a Nashville insider to tell us more about her career.

(we have a mutual friend.) she dated a host on GAC for a looooong time. That's a personal choice but it's not like she has a ton to lose at this point and all of Nashville knows anyway.

That said, Terri Clark is one of the most obviously gay closeted people ever. She does have a big lesbian following too.'the only truly loyal fans she has remaining are the dykes who still swoon over the young TC'Her audience is gayer than Melissa Etheridge's.

I don't think that there is a single soul out there who deeply believes she is not into women.

I feel bad that she has had to live in the closet for as long as she has..that because of society, especially the country music world, she has to remain there publicly. and as for being "fat" you people need to learn what fat is.... When I got her autograph, she kissed me on the cheek. In fact, we don't even have to be in a gay message board to do it because saying someone may be gay is not an insult. You can call the posts about her weight and appearance distasteful and ugly, but not those wondering about her sexuality.

Some funny lines on this thread:"Maybe one day she'll wake up and realize about the only truly loyal fans she has remaining are the dykes who still swoon over the young TC, who looked like she stepped right out of a cowgirl lesbian fantasy""when I saw the poofy hair on many of the lesbians, I wanted to lick my palm and flatten it down for them"Why are we bumping ALL these old threads???

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