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Don’t read into it when your date asks to sit closer to the fire door because it will make it easier to walk out on you.

The seat is most likely also the closest to the restroom.

You can’t catch MS from your date, and his or her intermittent itching is not because of infectious bugs or rashes. Don’t be alarmed if you’re asked to shoot the person you’re dating. Stay active, stay in shape, and stay committed to an appropriate exercise routine.

Sudden scratching could be a side effect of the disease. Several of the MS disease-modifying drugs are injectable medications, so you may be called to assist with administering a shot. It can be fun for you and the person you’re dating, and isn’t that what dating is all about?

2010 saw me turn 40, my marriage end in divorce and giving up working.

My life is very different to what it used to be and there's no escaping the fact I have MS.

Cut the person you’re dating some slack if he or she isn’t up to 100 percent. Bad days happen to everybody, whether or not they are living with a chronic disease.

There’s a lot to love about falling in love, and while the process of dating someone special is exciting and intoxicating, it can also be filled with uncertainty.

There are many stages of getting to know a person and sometimes the path to intimacy includes learning about life with a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis (MS).

Not that you need the early bird dinner discounts, but be open to starting your night earlier in the evening. Shy away from making long-range plans, but if you do, stay flexible. Check before booking a trip to ride the roller coaster, Scrambler, and Tilt-a-Whirl.

People who have MS-related vertigo are already spinning on their own.

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Don’t let MS be the focus of your relationship and conversations.

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